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Bamboo Clear All New Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Non-Toxic-Purifier-Balabe

Bamboo Clear All New Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Non-Toxic


Brand: Bamboo

Color: Silver


  • STAY SAFE - Mold, mildew, and unwanted bacteria can cause you and your family serious illness. Let these purifiers take care of them for you by absorbing excess moisture in the air.
  • GREEN IS GOOD - These are totally non-toxic & scentless. That makes them eco best-friendly. Great around children and pets, too!
  • A POWERHOUSE - Research proves that a charcoal purifier has numerous health benefits. Keep these linen-stitched bags with you to enhance your life exponentially.
  • BE FRESH - In addition to keeping you safe, these purifiers help maintain a clean, dry, odor free environment. Perfect for the house, car, and garage.
  • THINK OF YOUR FAMILY - This four pack is great to share with your family, or leave all around the house for a healthier life. Order now to live better!

Publisher: Bamboo Clear

Details: Features:

1. Live well. Keep disastrous mold, mildew, and bacteria out of your
house. It's just the smart thing to do.
2. Smell great: Bathroom odor, pet stink, no one wants that garbage lingering
around. Get your house smelling amazing.
3. Be aesthetic: With three style options to choose from, you can add these to
any home decor set and they'll fit right in. Just icing on the cake.
4. Save cash: Each bag lasts 2 YEARS! Yep, years. Not weeks, not months. These
will keep your living space healthy and smelling fantastic for so long, you may
just forget about them!


- Materials: Linen Bag, Bamboo Charcoal
- Size: 200g


4 x 200g Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Bags

The 200g Bamboo Clear air purifying bag is the easiest way to maintain a fresh, dry
and odor free environment. Made of just one incredibly powerful natural ingredient --
bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal bag continuously works to remove odors,
allergens and harmful pollutants. For damp, musty environments the natural air
purifying bags will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria
from forming. The air purifier bag is chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic to
keep you and your pets safe. The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully
stitched linen bag which can be placed on any surface.

With simple maintenance, the bags are reusable for up two years, just place them
outside in the sun every month for at least one hour to rejuvenate. At the end of
their lifespan you can recycle the bamboo charcoal into the soil. Be green!

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