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HDTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna-Antenna-Balabe

HDTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna


  • Our Outdoor HDTV Antenna is one of the most powerful on the market with up to 36dB Gain and a range of 150 miles. This HDTV Antenna is designed to receive Digital TV UHF/VHF signals and provides the highest quality HDTV picture available. Enjoy watching HDTV shows for free!

    • Antenna receives UHF/VHF/FM signals and will broadcast both High Definition and Standard Definition channels
    • Free HDTV channels that you can watch in 1080p or 720p depending on the broadcast signal and your TVs resolution capability
    • 36dB Yagi Antenna
    • Weather resistant
    • Reception range up to 150 miles from broadcast towers (please read below for more information)***
    • Low-Noise and High Gain Amplifier is built in
    • Built-in motor rotor turns the antenna 360 degrees
    • Rotor turns in both directions to avoid tangles
    • Wireless remote controller for rotor – rotate the antenna to find the best reception all from the comfort of your living room
    • Motor rotor is powered by the low voltage coaxial cable that runs from the control box to the antenna, so there is no need to ground the antenna or run a separate power cable
    • Control Box with Dual TV Outputs is included
    • Will support multiple TVs
    • Dimensions: Approximately 20" x 29" (L x W)
    • Power: 15V 3A Power Supply is Included.  Motor is powered by the coax cable that you run from the control box to the antenna.  Because power is distributed over the coax calbe, a power outlet is not required outside where the antenna is mounted. 
    • Easy Installation
    • Mounts to a pole up to 1” in diameter (pole not included)

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